Over the past quarter of a century GRAGA has created great number of software applications in most diverse of areas. Most of our projects were written under contract for specific clients and became their property. Some programs were developed under GRAGA copyright and are available for purchase or download. 

programs available from GRAGA and current projects

Glass House

GlassHouse system simplifies and automates processing Glass Orders from builders and glaziers, controls glass production - cutting, laminating  dgu for Glass Factories. Includes Invoicing and Accounts Receivable with very flexible price lists.


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ParaSoul Care

ParaSoul Care is a system designed for HACC and other Aged and Community Care service providers. It simplifies tasks involved in providing of services with focus on:
 - Centre-based day care
 - Domestic assistance
 - Transport
 - Social Support

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Scuba Champion

ScubaChampion is a FREE computer program developed for SCUBA Diving enthusiasts from beginners to advanced levels. Record your dives, equipment and achievements effortlessly using the straightforward and intuitive interface.


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Little Loan company

Little Loan Company program is designed for Personal Loan Brokers specialising in small loans to high risk customers.

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AssetManager Pro

Take control of your fixed assets and minimise your compliance costs.
Perfect for managing your assets, tracking depreciation and multi-location asset management.

MYOB Directdeposit

Simplifies and automates processing Direct Deposit entries from bank account and sends them directly to MYOB Accounting or MYOB Premier data file.

Major Clients and Projects

  • MYOB Australia - MYOB Asset Manager program
  • SGUA - Suite of programs to run and control Insurance Underwriting Agency 
  • Macquarie Bank - Portfolio Planning and Management System
  • Australia's Mining Monthly Magazine - Advertising and Subscription System
  • AirServices Australia - Search Operation System for Aircraft Searches
  • WA Water Police - Search and Rescue Operations program for Coastal Searches
  • TIAS - Jupiter - Flight Booking System
  • BHP - Risk Management Register

Other Customers serviced by graga

BP Kalgoorlie, Qantas, Risk Management Technologies, Broken Hill Metals, Westrail, Meat Marketing Co., Porter Western, R&I Electronics, Kevron Aerial Surveys, Birds Investments Services, West Australian Parliament, Genesis Environmental, Alcan Cove, Australian Tax Office, Key Credit, Oceanamics, John Walker, Zoom Portraits, The Sink Warehouse

Other Programs created by GRAGA

IUA Mail - Multiuser mail client
Calculus Victus - Diet and Nutrition personal planner
Stick-On - The original yellow sticky notes
PhoneFinder - handy telephone directory
No-Virus kit - the first Anti-Virus toolkit in Australia