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ScubaChampion is a computer program developed for SCUBA Diving enthusiasts from beginners to advanced levels. The software is the first diving software fully integrated with the internet. Dive logs can be entered anywhere on the internet and they will be later synchronized with your computer. 

Explore its major features using the buttons, or take the trial for a spin to see for yourself.

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Diving Locations Directory

There is a whole world of diving out there, but finding it can sometimes be a hassle.

To help reduce this, ScubaChampion includes a large repository of diving centres or locations from all around the world. Simply choose a country and region, and ScubaChampion will give you a list of the dive sites and people who can take you there.

In addition, all diving locations are rated by divers, so you can choose the best diving spots quickly.

Furthermore, for those who like to explore on their own, ScubaChampion also lets you add your own diving locations, so you can catalog where you have been with ease.

Dive Logbook

Logging your dives used to mean paperwork or dealing with a slow and tedious software. ScubaChampion has been designed by divers to change this.

With its simple, yet powerful interface, entering your dives couldn't be easier.

You won't be scrambling to find information that isn't relevant as ScubaChampion has incorporated a simple, symbol based entry system.

As an advantage of keeping your logs up to date, ScubaChampion will be help you monitor your air usage over multiple diving expeditions.

Calculators and Planners

When diving, it is important that everything goes right.

For advanced and demanding dives, you have to prepare all the details beforehand before anyone can enter the water.

Preparing the details is what ScubaChampion's computerized dive planer is about.

This module includes calculators for many of the common diving tables, allowing dive operators to quickly and safely plan dives without referencing large manual tables. Supports planning for up to 4 consecutive dives in a day.

Equipment Register

Your Equipment is Important Too!

To assist with this, ScubaChampion lets you create and maintain an extensive catalog of your diving equipment equipment and its service history.

Simply enter the next service dates for your equipment and ScubaChampion will remind you during startup when these service dates occur.

Keeping your equipment ready for diving has never been made so easy

License details and EXperience

Register your level certifications and speciality courses.

View a summary of your diving.